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Monday, October 13, 2014


(Season 3, Episode 35)

It is not a pretty sight,
When life catches up to you in...
The Horrorwalker World!


(Tucson, Arizona)

You exist on three quickly passing hours of sleep per night! 
You force yourself to go to bed only when your eyelids grow too heavy! 
You do realize that you should take control of your sleep idiosyncrasy! 
But, you are too deep into your habit and it may just be eroding you!

The word narcolepsy is thrown at you by friends of concern! 
Falling asleep at the wheel of your automobile -- 
In the brightness of the middle of the day -- 
Is not a good thing if you actually want to stay alive! 

Your failing memory, 
Plus your lack of concentration, 
Needs to be rescued from the sleep you lack! 
How could you forget your own mother’s birthday?

When you were a 22 year old self absorbed fool...
Partying up a storm as you laid waste to the land of the silly...
Your drinking and smoking and staying up all night was...
 Stupid self-destructive behavior making you a 'down with the boy’s player.' 

The girls dug your stamina, 
The boys respected your physical constitution, 
And your parents questioned your ethics. 
Too bad for them, you didn't give a flying fig about what they thought about you.

By the time you were forty-two years old -- 
You were still single, 
And still partying too much,
And wasting away like a mongrel dog.

And still you stayed up all night long with the drinking of the alcohol,
 And the smoking of the potent weed, 
And still womanizing the young ladies possessing much more stamina than you...
 Your body was breaking down from the self-abuse and the lack of self-respect. 

And so, on the day of your 43rd birthday,
The realization hit you in the mouth like a boxer's punch...
You could no longer overlook the obvious fact -- 
You had ruined your body in the filthy scum of a sewer of self-destruction!

So what if a stroke struck you down in your tracks...
As you snorted that last beautiful line of powder cocaine.
So what if the paralysis left you dead on the left side...
You have some wild frickin' memories to occupy your alive mind.

The beautiful nurse just wiped the line of drool from your chin.
You know this beauty could easily have been another lady to conquer.
But those days are long gone, you finally realize,
As she looks you in your eyes... the look of, "You poor bastard!"


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